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My daughter was diagnosed with Asthma at the age of 3. Her Asthma was triggered by allergens like pollen, dust and mould. Over the next few years her condition worsened and by the age of 7 she was on 4 different types of medications prescribed by various consultants. One of the medications had a very serious psychological side effect including mood swings, depression, aggressive behaviour and suicidal thoughts. We had reached a point where we couldn't see a way forward. Luckily, a friend referred us to Nicola.

It was like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Nicola took time to listen and explain what was causing the symptoms and put together a Homeopathic treatment plan to help with my daughter's symptoms. As a professional Homeopath and Kinesiologist Nicola was very knowledgeable and supportive.

Thanks to her professional guidance and advice we could gradually decrease the number of medications my daughter was on and address the underlying cause. Now we just use Homeopathy for all our ailments and we understand what triggers the problems. Now my daughter is as healthy as she has ever been both physically and emotionally. To me as a mum, it's such a relief to see my daughter living her best life. I cannot put into words how grateful I am to Nicola and Homeopathy for helping us at a time when nothing else could. I cannot recommend Nicola highly enough to anyone who is looking to transform their health naturally.                                                                                     Olga V.  Watford


Client Testimonials

I came to see Nicola for support as my 2 year old son's suffered with asthma. He suffered repeated asthma attacks & chest infections which resulted in numerous trips to A&E with repeated medication mainly steroids & antibiotics. He was often ill with coughs and colds. After treatment with Nicola and a year later he is completely free of medications and hasn't had any coughs or colds since. She also treated him for Molloscum.


Nicola has helped my son for the last 3years, with her extensive knowledge (there is literally nothing she does not know about the mind & body!) and her passion for healing. The transformation from a very poorly child - a month in hospital, many subsequent hospital visits, unable to attend school - to now a fit, strong, capable boy has been an amazing journey. Can't recommend her highly enough.

S Cooper

My son suffered with severe 

eczema since birth. It was extremely distressing for him and us. He would cry and try to scratch all of the time, even holding him was traumatic. At no point could we expose his hands as he would claw his skin causing bleeding. He was not able to be bathed and needed special bandages over his entire body day & night.. Luke's condition quickly changed beyond belief. He no longer has eczema and has lovely soft clear skin and is a very happy little boy. I would highly recommend Nicola


I became unwell during lockdown 2 years ago with inflamed joints what the Dr diagnosed as Inflammatory Arthritis. I was given Steroids at this time as I was in so much pain and could hardly walk. I then 18 months later became unwell again once again offered steroids and other medication. I thought I’m going to contact Nicola who has helped me in the past with bloating IBS issues.. I couldn’t take the Steroids again. I have been seeing Nicola since January with great improvements joints are less inflamed my sinus problem has cleared.

With ongoing consultations with Nicola I am returning to the person I was. Inflammation is so much better. I love the way Nicola sits and listens and explains everything that she is going to help you with. And then to get a letter explaining everything that we discussed. I feel Homeopathy has really helped me and sometimes when I return for my follow up with Nicola and she’s asks about a symptom from last time I have forgotten as it’s gone! Nicola is extremely knowledgeable in her field of Homeopathy very understanding. I love feeling the results from a very natural way.

K. Tyler

When my son was born he suffered with really bad colic. I found feeding him extremely difficult as he wouldn't stop screaming. I couldn't put him down & he wouldn't sleep. He needed constant rocking or movement. Nicola understood the issues and reassured me this was common. Nicola prescribed remedies & my son showed improvements quickly. After a few days I could feed him normally & without colic. He would settle soon after and I could put him down to sleep. The sickness stopped and he was so much happier, so was I.


After being diagnosed with an under active thyroid, I was prescribed a high dose of medication that I wasn’t comfortable with so I was looking for an alternative. As if by magic I spotted Nicola on a social media post and made the call. Best call I made and I haven’t looked back since! I have been on quite a journey with a Nicola for a number of years now not only has my thyroid medication reduced hugely but she has helped me treat many issues naturally including Covid! I literally don’t know how people get through the stresses and strains of life without homeopathy. Nicola is incredibly knowledgeable in her field, she is empathetic, sympathetic and sensitive. She takes time to explain what is happening and how she intends to treat the issue in laymen’s terms and doesn’t move on until she is sure you have understood what she is treating, how and why. I trust her implicitly so much so she has treated my teenage daughter too. She is incredibly flexible too, making herself available when an urgent appointment is needed. I can’t recommend Nicola enough, she’s a superstar!                                                               S.Verner

We've had such amazing results seeing Nicola with many ailments in our family. Nicola treated my daughter who suffered constant painful ear infections particularly after swimming lessons or on holiday after being in the pool. Since the treatments my daughter has not suffered any more ear infections. An incredible result.

J. Doltis

I contacted Nicola after a post on her news feed of how she had helped a young girl suffering from eczema. I was at a point where I was feeling truly overwhelmed with suggestions of how I could help my now 3 year old daughter who was suffering terribly with eczema. Just 4 weeks in, the change is incredible and I can’t thank Nicola enough, I’ll be forever grateful. No more dry coughs, almost non-existent scratching, no bleeding, a change in her mood as she is now less irritable, no horrendous rashes and open wounds….truly amazing. Aside from all of this, we haven’t had to use any prescribed medication or inhalers from the doctor. Her skin is the best it has looked in over a year. Thank you for everything Nicola, you are changing Lilly’s life for the better with your knowledge and passion for homeopathy. I cannot recommend you highly enough and just hope that more people come across your magic.

S. Carr

I had noted many of Nicola's posts on homeopathy on social media and found them interesting and informative. It was clear that Nicola is passionate to help others.

Nicola is both professional,

friendly and clear.

Excellent results with the remedies too, and so I can't recommend Nicola highly enough

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