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What is Allergy Testing

What does it do?

What is Allergy Testing: Meet the Team

I studied Systematic Kinesiology which is a system of natural health care using muscles (Kinetic energy) as a feedback system. This allows me to identify which organs needs supporting, are the kidneys dehydrated, does the liver need detoxing? Which allergen is the one causing the symptoms?

The muscle response obtains information from your body by using muscle testing – I will test your ability to hold a muscle against light pressure, which can indicate any imbalances. The strength of the muscle changes giving a feedback. The muscle testing reads the energetic bio-feedback from your body to find the root cause of where your health issues stem from or which allergen?

When your immune system comes in contact with an allergen, it produces anti-bodies which it stores in its memory (this is called sensitisation). So, when the allergen is again introduced to your immune system, the anti-bodies attack it, resulting in other chemicals (including histamine) being released and causing the symptoms of an allergic reaction. Even though allergens produce an allergic reaction, it doesn’t mean they are themselves the cause. The allergen is the trigger or catalyst; the root cause is an imbalance in your immune system. Allergies are an autoimmune disease.


Systematic Kinesiology is very accurate, very powerful, inoffensive, simple and quick to use. I generally use the arm as the indicator muscle as its easier for both of us. I don't always use this technique, just when I need to. Using this technique to test for allergies allows me to quickly identify is it grass, trees, plants, mold's etc. Many people have tree or grass allergies, even mold spores from the tree. Often if food related it can be a specific brand, even shop which is causing the issue.
I will also check if you can continue to eat certain foods, or simply have it as a treat. Or once we know the allergen, i.e., a type of grass, I will arrange a desensitisation treatment for you, to reduce the allergy.

If its a pet you suspect, I can test each pet, and then provide a desensitisation treatment. Offering a quick relief to symptoms.


Common allergy symptoms

  • sneezing

  • wheezing / coughing / shortness of breath

  • sinus pain / runny nose

  • nettle rash / hives

  • itchy skin

  • hay fever

  • swelling

  • itchy eyes, ears, lips throat and mouth

  • sickness, vomiting and diarrhoea

  • bloating

An allergic response can cause anything and everything and It may not be easy to recognise.

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