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What to expect in a Consultation

After booking an appointment and prior to the meeting, you'll have completed a questionnaire with the relevant information on, so I'll be aware of what you'd like help with.

During the consultation I will ask about you, how is your body expressing imbalance. Homeopathy involves looking at the whole of a person, including physical, mental and emotional symptoms. Are you a hot or cold person, what makes you you?  When did the issue start, what are the sensations, what makes the symptoms better or worse (modalities) and how does it make you feel. Most people are very stressed but don't realise until they start talking, all of this is relevant to the prescription.

A consultation generally lasts about 1-1.15 hours and I ask many questions about the issues you'd like help with. I listen whilst you describe the issues using your own words, as this is important Homeopathy treats the person not the disease. I take notes on what you say, Is the pain throbbing, stabbing, electric, slow, dull, aching. Left or right side?  How are the issues presenting? Often people will notice things about themselves they haven’t before and are genuinely surprised. 

After the consultation I look at everything we discussed and I'll select remedies which are the prescription. I then write a treatment plan on how to take them and email the information. I post the prescription first class the following day. 

Depending on the severity of the issue, I will usually ask for a follow up appointment between 3-4 weeks. We then discuss how the symptoms have changed and what needs to happen next and I repeat the original process asking questions and changing the remedies to support the healing further.

A new prescription will then be selected and prescribed for you. This process repeats until YOU are happy with the  outcome. Clients will always see a positive change with the first prescription and are often surprised how much has changed when I read back what they said in the initial consultation. I tend to use the layers method, so with each prescription a layer will change, revealing the next layer whether that's emotional or physical or environmental.

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Nascot Wood Watford

07970 122794

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