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My Journey into Homeopathy

I developed chronic Asthma in the last few years of secondary school. It was both frightening and lonely, because it was only me that was experiencing the symptom. I literally couldn't breathe, I remember it started in summer.


In our home we had two cats and later a rescue dog Bruno joined the family. In the 70's whilst growing up education around nutrition and food allergies wasn't really established. I was hospitalised  many times as a baby because I couldn't tolerate the milk formula and this continued when I was weaned onto cow's milk. As I grew up I was a very fussy eater, and would only eat several types of foods. From about the age of 4, I was a vegetarian, even though my family weren't. I literally couldn't eat the meat although my family eat meat daily and I was a bit of an inconvenience. I was probably actually a vegan looking back from an early age.


We had milk at school daily until I started secondary school. I realised as a Homeopath, I was intolerant to cow's milk and in Kinesiology terms the allergy had become 'hidden', but I had been drinking it all my life. I was a fairly robust, happy individual, but around the time the asthma started, I developed hayfever too. It came from no where, it started in a park at a carnival. It was like someone pressed the 'on' button.


I couldn't stop sneezing, my eyes were watering and my nose pouring. When I look back its obvious. But at the time Hayfever wasn't recognised as it is today. I had a tree and grass pollen allergy back then but it went on to be masked through medication. So between the Asthma and the Hayfever I used asthma pumps to help my breathing and anti histamine to help my symptoms. But it was unbearable and continued to worsen as I got older. I had weekly trips to the Doctor for medication.

This got worse year, after year, after year.  I could find no resolution, and over the years, the asthma pumps had increased in strength together with the amount of antihistamine which didn't really make any difference. After my son was born when I was 29, all symptoms increased, he was born in June and I was in hospital surrounded by flowers. My symptoms continued in severity, and after having my second child at 33, my symptoms continued to increase. Towards the end, it was affecting me from February to October, and the symptoms were so bad I couldn't speak as my voice was affected, I couldn't hear, my eyes and nose streamed day and night. It affected me and now my family on a daily basis.

One Sunday I was reading an article in a Sunday paper in the health section. I'd never heard of Homeopathy, neither did I understand what it was. But I thought, well, I have nothing to lose as I've tried everything else. So I rang. I spoke with a lovely Homeopath, made the appointment, and went on my journey. I didn't understand why she asked so many questions, or what the little pilules were supposed to do, but I did as she said. That was the beginning of the end.

Using remedies she addressed my grass and tree allergies, and over the next few weeks everything improved, as I improved, I was able to make changes, I realised drinking cow's milk was a huge issue, I didn't know this before. I had an intolerence which was feeding the hayfever. As my breathing improved I made changes, I could stop using the asthma reliever.  I couldn't understand how what she gave me, made the difference, how is it even possible?

I was literally blown away by what she did. So I asked her about studying and at the time, she lectured at the College of Practical Homeopathy. So I signed up. It was the best decision I have ever made.  I studied for 4 years, and had clinical training at college. I graduated in June 2012. We laugh now because I said to her at the time, I doubt very much you can help me. I was wrong.

Since then, I have gone onto develop my skills and my practice, based on my own needs and my family's. As a family we have the same ailments as most people do. My children are now 20 and 18, neither have had allopathic medicine since I started training, in 2008. Nothing, Nada, Nowt.

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