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Consultations available In person & online.

First Consultation 1.30hrs  £100.00 (All Therapies) *

Follow up Consultation 50 mins / hour £80.00 (All Therapies) *

Homeopathic Prescription is included in the consultation fee.

* Some desensitisation appointments will require the client to order desensitisation vials separately approximately £10 - £12.00.

   This will be discussed in the appointment.

* Flower Remedies & Homeopathic prescriptions are included in the consultation fee.

* Supplements if discussed & required are charged additionally and ordered by the client.

* Homeobotanicals incur an additional charge of £20  (plus £5.00 if posted).

Green Bottles

Flower Remedies

Tree Lined Park

Food Intolerance &
Environmental Testing

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