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My journey

Asthma, Hayfever, Anxiety, Eczema

As a child I had many allergies and chronic Asthma. Over the years I was given much allopathic medicine which helped with the asthma but not with the allergies. We had two cats and a dog. All of my teenage years were spent wheezing, sneezing and feeling very unwell. When I left home and moved to London, many of my allergies stopped, so I learnt by this the animals were one of the reasons for the symptoms. But my asthma remained.  After having children my allergies returned with avengence, they were crippling. After two children and years of chronic hayfever, I consulted a Homeopath.  I explained to her how desperate I was and we laugh now because I said to her at the time, I doubt very much you can help me. I was wrong.

After years of chronic hayfever some of symptoms just stopped. Like the itching eyes and constant sneezing. Others literally got less and less and then stopped. I was so blown away by what Homeopathy had managed to achieve  I decided to study.

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